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The Disenfranchisement of Allan Eric Carlson

Well, it has been over a year since I updated this blog. I left off with going to court for a probation hearing. The result was worse than expected. My beating was acknowledged by Judge Berle Schiller when my appointed attorney Mr. Ivory raised the issue and showed him a picture of a huge softball sized yellow and greenish blue bruise on the back of my leg that he had shot with his cellphone camera in his office three days after the event described in my previous post.

The judge's reaction? Visibly annoyed at having to confront the issue at all. Schiller told me I had the right to file a civil rights lawsuit and that was it. The U.S. Attorney on the opposing bench had no comment at all. He did ask for a TWO YEAR violation and an extension of my probation however. An extraordinary request. This was denied.

I received four months, as the judge did not believe U.S. Probation officer Steve Carmichael's story at all.

However, I discovered later that the Philadelphia Daily News, while not present at the hearing, wrote an article about the probation hearing! Imagine that. Have you ever read an article about someones probation hearing? I mean unless they're a Hollywood celebrity, excluding that nonsense, have you ever? I certainly have not.

The article was printed for the sole reason of slandering and attacking me. Called me a “spammer” which is totally false. I have never “spammed” nor been accused of that offense. Then they made it sound as if the judge went easy on me! Completely ignored the beating I received, no mention whatsoever. I contacted the “writer” of this hit piece by e-mail to correct the record and expressed my desire to talk to him about the beating I received.

I'm still waiting to hear back from him.

So I was allowed a week to turn myself in at the FDC in Philadelphia. This was the 2nd time I self-surrendered. After about four weeks I was put on a bus to FCI Fairton where I served the remainder of my sentence.

While I was at Fairton I went to the law library and read cases until I got a feel for how a suit would be filed. I then composed a civil rights lawsuit by hand in my cell and a week before I was released I filed the suit by certified mail in Philadelphia. The suit makes what is known as a “Bivens claim” for the beating administered to me and also goes into detail about what I believe to be a case of Conspiracy to Deny my Civil Rights over the past sixteen years by the FBI working in conjunction in the past with the LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriffs office and other agencies.

Some who may be stumbling upon this post may think that conspiracy charge is a bit out there, but I can assure you that there are actually court documents in Los Angeles Superior Court with signed statements from officers of the Los Angeles Police Departments “Anti- Terrorist Division” describing some of their surveillance's of me. I have read these. I am sure there is much more to read in the LAPD files as well as the Sheriff's files.

And the FBI file? Well, you'll need to brew a large pot of coffee to read that one, if you can ever get your hands or mouse arrow on the whole thing.

And I would like to do just that. I would like to see what the FBI has been up to in regard to me for the past sixteen years and what they have been able to get other agencies to do. I would like the FBI and other agencies to be put in the box and justify what they have done to me. They knew I never had any weapons and that I never had associations with anyone who did. In fact they knew I was a “loner”. My residences were raided by surprise numerous times and they never found anything to indicate that I posed a threat of violence. My only weapon was a keyboard.

On April 5, 2011 I appeared in the courtroom of Freda L. Wolfson in Trenton. Judge Schiller tossed my case after the last incident described in my previous post.

Judge Wolfson at a previous hearing had allowed me to give testimony about my beating as I have previously described. Despite hearing this I was found guilty of violating my probation on frivolous grounds that amount to my not wanting further contact with the probation department after what they did to me. Judge Wolfson had the right to impose a non-custodial sentence as my Public Defender requested, but instead she went above the minimum sentencing guidelines for the violation and gave me nine months. I have to self-surrender to Fairton FCI on May 18, 2011 to serve the sentence, which will then terminate my probation.

After serving this nine month sentence I will have spent 60 months -five years – in Federal prison for charges that were invented. Things the jury were told happened never did. Witnesses were coached by United States Attorney Michael Levy to give perjured testimony that e-mail accounts were flooded with e-mails which made it impossible to sort through the accounts and find the good ones and thus good e-mails had to be deleted.

That never happened. The accounts in question were large commercial e-mail accounts at Knight Ridder newspapers, ESPN, The Sporting News and FOX. All the e-mails that bounced back to those accounts due to the address the e-mail was sent to being an unknown dead account were identical. So if 60,000 e-mails as were alleged to have bounced into one account on one occasion did occur all the operator of the account had to do was click on the menu of his software program managing the accounts, choose a filter, and then copy and past the subject line of the e-mail into it, click “OK” and the 60,000 bounced e-mails disappeared. That is maybe ten seconds of work if the operator is sleepy.

That's a completely different reality from what the jury was made to believe. And how was the jury able to be fed this false information for four straight days?

Because my Federal Public Defender, Mark T. Wilson just sat at the table scribbling on a yellow legal pad. Mark T. Wilson never challenged the evidence given. Mark T. Wilson never did anything for four days, he just sat there like a machine scribbling notes. And I had no expectation that he would do anything else. Indeed, a week earlier in Judge Schiller's courtroom I requested a new attorney for exactly this reason. I had been awaiting trial for fourteen months and Mark T. Wilson had talked to me just twice in his office. All he did was argue with me that I was guilty of the ridiculous charges and read me the sentencing guidelines and the Federal statutes.

Mark Wilson informed me at those meetings after I inquired that the Public Defender's office had technical experts in computer forensics who could testify and challenge evidence, but Mark Wilson would not allow me to talk to anyone from that office. Mark Wilson made it apparent that he was not going to even think about challenging the evidence.

Judge Schiller used the lame excuse that “too much time had passed” in turning down my request.

Now what's really interesting here is that if you do a Google search for “mark t wilson, allan eric carlson” (without the quotes) the first hit is an AP article printed by USA Today in which Mark Wilson states that the US Attorney cannot prove that more than $5,000 in damage was done which would dump half the charges, and then Wilson states – accurately – that “the federal identity theft law that Carlson is accused of breaking doesn't make it a crime to use someone else's e-mail address”.

So we have the Mark T. Wilson who tells the newspapers that there is no case here, and then there is the Mark T. Wilson who tells me I have no chance and the evidence is solid, but who refuses to even contact the computer forensics experts he has available to him.

So for four days I sat in court and listened to Michael L. Levy lie about what happened, lie about me and make egregious accusations about what I was trying to achieve. And every time I glanced to my right there was Mark Wilson scribbling notes on his yellow legal pad pausing occasionally to say “no questions” in reply to the judge after another round of perjured testimony was given.

Any attorney with a few cases under his or her belt could have brought in not guilty verdicts on all charges if that attorney had made a competent effort to fight the case. Mark Wilson went completely in the tank, fully participating in a railroad job of the highest order.

And I can honestly say that the rest of my experience with members of the American Bar have been little better. And it may be getting worse.

As I wrote, I have filed a civil suit in Federal court in Philadelphia. The case was accepted, service was ordered, and then it was “suspended” as I do not have an attorney. And I do not know how to get an attorney. It seems that no attorney will help me. In civil suits you are not entitled to an attorney. A judge cannot appoint someone.

I first requested help before filing the suit from the firm of Stephen Yagman as he would be the perfect attorney to handle this case. Unfortunately he was targeted by the Feds and convicted of bankruptcy fraud and is now disbarred and possibly headed to Federal prison himself. No one else at his firm responded and now I see their site is down so that operation may have broken up.

Next after I got out I did a search for civil rights attorneys In Philadelphia, and to my dismay found site after site of ambulance chasers. I did find one firm that seemed serious about the subject and contacted by e-mail one of those attorneys. I have never heard back from him. Nothing at all.

Last week I faxed Ronald Kuby in New York. I also e-mailed him a copy of my suit. Again, I have heard nothing at all. From the front of Kuby's Web site:

Attorneys in this office have represented individuals accused of bombing the World Trade Center; Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad gunman; renowned photographer Spencer Tunick; the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club; prominent labor unions; accused airplane hijackers; The All-Mighty Latin King and Queen Nation; Malcolm X’s daughter, charged with conspiracy to murder Minister Louis Farrakahn; Jesse Friedman, whose story is featured in the acclaimed film Capturing the Friedmans; David Hampton, whose life story formed the inspiration for John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation; dozens of conscientious objectors; plaintiffs in two United States Supreme Court cases establishing First Amendment protection for flag-burning; several wrongfully convicted inmates.

This requires attention. That is quite a list spanning the gamut of who an attorney could represent. Pay attention to Jesse Friedman. I've seen that documentary. So I'm dealing with being ignored by someone who advertises that he defended a chester?

Exactly how am I supposed to get an attorney if the response I get back is no response at all? I asked my last Public Defender who appeared with me in Trenton for a recommendation and she had nothing to offer me either. Told me to use the Internet and that has nothing.

At this point I would be better off if I were sent to Guantanamo. There I would be able to get an attorney from outside this country. Someone would pay attention because I was not now ridiculed as a crazed baseball fan or the other crap from California.

The teachers and professors tell us in school about the Constitutional rights that we have. What they do not tell us is the overwhelming power that attorney's have to disenfranchise us as citizens by refusing to defend us from prosecution. Without that defense we become selectively exiled from the United States and become subjects of a totalitarian state inside of America.

I have been ridiculed publicly on false charges and after this sentence is served will have spent well over eight years of my life incarcerated without ever committing an offense worthy of being sent to prison. And this is not the result of one prosecution, but two spaced out over many years. These actions were deliberate and at least well thought out in going after me and smashing me.

But were these actions well thought out? That I can't answer. I can only note that I will be 48 years old when I get out and childless. I have no siblings. And if I have any future it is invisible to me. What sort of future can one have when he has been completely disenfranchised from his country? If I were an actual lowlife, a pimp, a dope dealer etc. then this would not be a question worth entertaining, but I'm on the other end of the scale. I don't steal. I'm not a sex offender. I don't even have any vices that I'm passionate about. I am, or was, a concerned citizen who wanted to improve my country and keep it from ruin. Now I can't take part in any political matters and the political police will continue to dog me to make sure of that as no attorney will do anything to get them off my back.

Is life without honor really a life lived?

The U.S. Marshals came into my house, jumped me though I was surrendering, chained me up, beat me - probably unconscious – then choked me and called me a “piece of shit”.

Am I a “piece of shit”? Well, if I'm going to accept that assault by U.S. Marshals and all that has been done to destroy me over the last sixteen years, the FBI and other political police abuse, the lawyers who won't defend me, and the so-called “journalists” who write up all the slander and make it seem as though it is fact, then I guess that is the only conclusion one could draw.

I've heard it said that a day of reckoning comes for everyone and I guess that is the day I'm waiting for. I tried to do it through the courtroom in a civilized manner, but it seems that this avenue has been closed to me, thus the completion of my disenfranchisement from the country I once thought of as good. 

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